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Breaking the mould

The creation of a Tartan range that forced our hand

In 2021, Scottish Shop took the risky step to invest in a new range of tartans, jackets and waistcoats from a Scottish mill, The House of Edgar. We bought every colour on offer and waited for the feedback from our customers.

We were overwhelmed with the feedback and sales. This is a range of highlandwear that we are building our business around now. The customer has spoken, and we have listened.

The entire manufacturing process of these kilts, Jackets and Waistcoats is based in Scotland. The design stage occurs at the headquarters in Perth. Fabrics are woven in Keith, the Scottish Highlands and the fabric is finished in Galashiels, in the Scottish Borders. By controlling their own production line, The House of Edgar takes responsibility into their own hands.

They’ve been producing the finest Highlandwear since 1835, making them one of the oldest family businesses operating in Scotland. A mill that is respected for their textile design and innovation, globally.

Scottish Shop have set the bar very high again, and it’s a clear decision for the customer to consider quality of this standard. Just take a look at this amazing range available now on our site using the model configurator to experiment with your desired colour pallet.


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